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Hello folks and welcome to!

I wanted to take a minute or two to say hello and introduce you to

Have you written something you are proud of and really feel that it should be published?

Have you tried to be published by a traditional printing house, only to be turned away?

Have you tried to journey down the self-publishing pathway before you realized how confusing and expensive it can be?

Perhaps you are already published in a traditional format but you have never had your work published electronically.

Do you need guidance concerning where to start when it comes to publishing and producing eBooks?

Do you want to be in the position to market your book to the growing hundreds of millions of individuals who use their personal technology devices to read eBooks everyday?

Want to be found online at major retailers like, Barnes & Noble, etc.?

Well, with your manuscript and my 20+ years of knowhow, having worked intimately with consumer electronics and the internet (as well as had my own dreams of authorship, and my own fair share of publishing disappointment),
I am happy to tell you that you have finally found the pathway to publishing success.

For a very affordable one time fee, we will take your manuscript and give it the same personal service and attention as you would give it if you could. I am involved in every single publishing project from start to finish and there is no publishing job too big nor too small. And, as you would hope, all projects are treated confidentially and securely.

Once your publishing project is completed, you will have your literary work published in several electronic formats, suitable, compatible and optimized for use in
virtually all electronic devices.

You retain all rights to your work and you are in complete control of the marketing and promotional aspects. We give you the necessary eBook you need to distribute your hard work to the growing masses of eReader carrying individuals around the globe, now estimated to be in excess of 1 billion people of all ages and interests! We also give you the initial information you will need to begin providing your work to your intended audience. This is the exact information you will need to be successful.

Many of these people will want to see your writing. Are you ready to tap into this growing market and increase your exposure?

If you are, I am ready to help you get there using
pride, integrity and a commitment to your project. Contact me and let's get your great work published for all to appreciate!

Jason Randolph
Head Honcho & Bonafide Renaissance Man


P.S.-- Are you with a non-profit organization? If so, we may be able to help you save money.
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