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Why choose an eBook?
Hard copy printing expenses are becoming too great for many publishing companies to withstand. As a result, they are rejecting a great amount of good authorship that deserves to be read and shared. Publishing companies are required to choose only those authors and novels that they can guarantee as best sellers.

Self publishing is also significantly increasing in price as the raw materials required to print physical books are increasing.
More and more readers are being increasingly pressed to choose options other than hard copy books since publishing companies are passing their expenses onto the consumer.
As a result, eBooks are far less expensive to publish than hard copy books. This savings you can pass on to your readers, which will make your eBook even more attractive.

There are now over
1 billion eBook compatible devices in use around the globe today in different forms, from dedicated eReader type devices, to tablet computers, to desktops and laptops and even smartphones given to consumers for free with their cellular phone plan.


Is creating an eBook rocket science?

Not exactly, but it’s not usually simple either!

So, why can’t you do it yourself?

Simply put, you might enjoy drinking wine, but that doesn’t make you a vintner. Could you eventually be good at creating wine? Perhaps, but it would take a substantial amount of time, effort and expense to learn how to master the craft and have the facilities. Just like wine making, excellent eBook creation requires specialty expertise and the right tools.

Why not take this opportunity to make sure it is done well, with personal attention, care and experience? We are the experts and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the published product. Plus, we’re extremely affordable (many projects are completed in the neighborhood of $150)!